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No medals for misery

IF only moaning was an Olympic sport, Team GB would be odds-on favourites to top the medal table this summer. Think about it. We would destroy the competition in the synchronised whingeing and no one would come close to us … Continue reading

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Why I will never cheer for Fernando Alonso

So, Fernando Alonso has joined Twitter. First of all, trust me when I say that I’m genuinely happy and excited for all the Ferrari and Alonso fans I know. This is something that’s been way overdue and after seeing Kobayashi-san … Continue reading

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I may not love God, but I love many of those who do…

‘Schadenfreude’ is a horrible word, when you think about it. Not only do you feel like a pretentious knob when you try to use it in a sentence and offend roughly 90 million people across the channel when you inevitably … Continue reading

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And so, we are a snuff society

(The following was written as a column piece for my Masters studies portfolio last October in the week after Dan Wheldon’s fatal accident in Las Vegas) On Sunday evening, I watched in horror as Dan Wheldon – a racer, a … Continue reading

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