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The science of sport

With the track and field events of the Olympic Games well underway, I went down to Loughborough University’s School of Sports and Sciences (Team GB’s preparation base) to learn more about the biomechanics behind Olympic success. Advertisements

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No medals for misery

IF only moaning was an Olympic sport, Team GB would be odds-on favourites to top the medal table this summer. Think about it. We would destroy the competition in the synchronised whingeing and no one would come close to us … Continue reading

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Living the sweet life

With so called ‘mutually beneficial’ dating sites growing in popularity in the UK, it seems that many of our young women really do have a price. Former sugar daddy David Montrose tells me about the young women in his life … Continue reading

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Why I will never cheer for Fernando Alonso

So, Fernando Alonso has joined Twitter. First of all, trust me when I say that I’m genuinely happy and excited for all the Ferrari and Alonso fans I know. This is something that’s been way overdue and after seeing Kobayashi-san … Continue reading

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I may not love God, but I love many of those who do…

‘Schadenfreude’ is a horrible word, when you think about it. Not only do you feel like a pretentious knob when you try to use it in a sentence and offend roughly 90 million people across the channel when you inevitably … Continue reading

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Tragedy and Triumph of a Stem Cell Crusader

As the ‘Baldy Blogger’, Adrian Sudbury campaigned to raise awareness of stem cell donation with both the public and Westminster. Following his death from Leukaemia at just 25, his father Keith now continues his son’s work. I spoke to him … Continue reading

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How Stephen Sharkey succeeds in translating Brecht

(This was something I wrote back in October for the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre, who helped me arrange the interview. It’s about theatre, so most some of you may not find it particularly interesting!) For many writers whose words are brought … Continue reading

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