Hello there! I’m Magnificent Geoffrey. (Don’t let the name trick you though, I’m not really.)

I’m a British-Australian and I’m also an aspiring journalist, currently undertaking a Master’s degree in journalism in the United Kingdom. Motorsport – particularly Formula 1 – has always been my driving passion (I’m sorry) and my ultimate ambition would be to combine my love of writing with my love of racing.

I have been highly active on F1Fanatic where I developed my penchant for passionate but long-winded posts about my thoughts and feelings on the Greatest Sport in the World™ and the many varied and fantastic characters who make it. I also organise an annual off-season online PS3 racing series called the Collantine Cup, in which I’ve finished 2nd in the standings for two seasons running.

You can find me on Twitter (@MagnificentGeof) where I often like to share my views on motorsport and life with anyone who’ll listen.

If you want to email me for any reason, I can be reached at magnificentgeoffrey @gmail.com .


Tell me how wrong I am...

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